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Secure Digital Signing

Sign, verify and automate digital documents

Control and protect your data at rest and in motion.

Automate the flow of documents and data.

Across the world, digital signatures are fast becoming the only legally accepted replacement for handwritten signatures because they offer inherent security – something that cannot be found in either handwritten or electronic signatures. Our digital signature workflow manager includes class 2, 3 or 4 (Advanced Electronic Signatures) to enhance and fully digitise any process that requires a document to be signed or approved, such as employees having to complete leave applications and their manager approving and rejecting them, to ultra-complex processes that require both internal and external parties to sign highly sensitive and legal documents and more. Supply Chain Processes are now a breeze with various workflow processes that are developed in line with customer requirements (not the other way around) and security measures to ensure security and prevent fraudulent activities.


  • Dashboard – all your documents neatly in one workspace, for easy workflow execution
  • Audit trail – comprehensive audit log to provide documentary evidence of all transactions
  • Compliance – compliant with European, US, South African and international regulations for electronic transactions and trusted services
  • PDF portfolio – create customer portfolios to group, upload, workflow and store multiple documents in a single location
  • Geolocation – audit log the geolocation of signatories to boost non-repudiation in a court of law
  • Single click signing – design and save your graphic electronic signature for a unique user experience that saves time as it allows to simply click and sign.
  • Non-repudiation – electronic signatures are unique to each user to ensure that each signed document / signature is directly tied to the user.
  • Tamper proof – Documents that are tampered with in between signatures can immediately be identified. The exact position of the tampering can also be identified.

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We use ISO 9000 / 2000 / 27001 certified processes, analysts and engineers with CISSP, CCNS, CompTIA, ITIL V3, CoBIT 5.0 certifications and multiple vendor accreditations are on site to support and maintain the product.

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