Encryption Solutions

Email and Document Encryption

Complete end-to-end security and control

Control and protect your data at rest and in motion.

Control and protect your data at rest and in motion.

In today’s security conscious world, data in any form must be kept secure, whether during transit over unprotected environments such as emails or while at rest in databases (or even backups). In order to keep this data safe and confidential, encrypting it while in transit and where it is stored ensures that only authorised users and systems have access to view the protected data.


Protect organisational data

Organisational data is shared in several ways such as emails, cloud drives, FTP transfers and even portable and USB drives, and with most organisations unable to guarantee how data will be shared, this creates data protection and privacy challenges.

Protect organisational data

Our data-centric solutions enable you to protect your files while maintaining visibility and control. Secure any file, any size and on any device. Our encryption solution gives you flexible document and data security with the necessary control to protect your information and meet compliance. Control access to files, and manage how data are stored and edited on site or in the cloud and share files securely with groups while maintaining control.


  • Mail time-out features
  • Mail revocation
  • Receive notifications
  • Digital email signing
  • Policy management
  • Single sign on
  • Quick deployment and easy operation
  • Meet legislative and industry compliance standards

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