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Data Protection

Vulnerability and pen testing - Data Protection

Data Protection

Regulations are compelling organisations to protect data against breaches, both at rest and in transit.

Our solutions are designed to cost effectively deliver advanced data protection and compliance to various regulations.

Key offerings in Data Protection include:


Web trust through SSL and mPKI

Software and Hardware

General purpose encryption – both software and hardware


Encryption for payment transactions

Advisory services - Data Protection

Cryptographic services

We provide cost-effective cryptographic solutions, allowing you to encrypt your data or transactions remotely or locally.

This provides the ultimate level of data security in today’s highly vulnerable environments.

 A root of trust for business applications– PKI applications, Crypto Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) and more.

Our market leading solutions and services allow organisations to keep pace with innovation while protecting their business’ critical assets from security breaches.

Organisations rely on our industry leading HSMs to provide a root of trust for a wide variety of business applications including public key infrastructure.

Whether your requirement is to encrypt your database or to enhance software database encryption solutions by applying tried and tested hardware-based encryption devices, we are able to provide you with a solution catered for your needs.

We provide HSMs that support critical security measure devices (PKI’s), SSL/TLS encryption key protection, code signing and blockchain. Our solutions provide the highest level of assurance in protecting sensitive data and enabling organisations to meet stringent compliance controls.

Because the hosting of an HSM crypto device is a costly process that requires engineers to support the device, set it up into the environment and configure it, we can take this process over and run it on your behalf through one of three options: On-site support, Crypto as a Service or Hosting as a Service, you choose.

Accredited and assured.

We use ISO 9000 / 2000 / 27001 certified processes, analysts and engineers with CISSP, CCNS, CompTIA, ITIL V3, CoBIT 5.0 certifications and multiple vendor accreditations are on site to support and maintain the product.

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