Launch of our New website

Introducing Our New Digital Identity

Over the last few months, you will have noticed Altron Systems Integration showing up prominently on all social media platforms with a distinct creative theme. We have overhauled our website and are refreshing our digital assets so that our solutions stand out in the market. Our new brand video introduces our services and shows off our proposition. View it here.

Our new website shows distinct themes per solution pillar so that we can differentiate our main solutions across all our digital assets and messaging.  We have already created LinkedIn backgrounds for all employees to use on their personal profiles. We’ll soon be releasing pillar specific PowerPoint templates and Teams background images.

Our new website launched on 30 September and beautifully connects the user experience for people as they navigate from social, online publications, company presentations etc to the web. We’ll continue to improve the website by tweaking and adding content.

We are seeing a lot of traction with this new approach and we are excited about the impact that we are making.

Deidre Oosthuysen
BU Manager: Digital Interactive