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Engaged Workforce

We believe that great businesses are powered by great people. And to be a great business, an engaged workforce needs to be created and managed.

Our Workforce Management offering provides solution-based consulting and technology implementation. Our solutions are purpose built for industries and all employees.

As labour is most often a company’s biggest expense, managing it wisely is crucial.

This entails managing and monitoring labour schedules, overtime, leave, and absence, as well as automatically predicting accurate labour forecasts and aligning them with corporate revenue requirements.

It’s all about your planning

Well planned Workforce Management reduces labour costs, eliminates unscheduled hours, effectively provides only for required overtime, while also employing an automated scheduling engine with out-the-box built in Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Automating time and attendance functions enables companies to reduce costly payroll errors, increase payroll staff productivity, and reduce non-staff payroll costs.

Nucleus found 75% of companies adopting Kronos Workforce Timekeeper achieved an ROI above 250%, while the median ROI for all users was 469%. These organisations received payback in an average of 5 months. Most users paid for the solution with only the savings from payroll error elimination.

Save by reducing your payroll

88% of companies surveyed realised savings by reducing their payroll error rate and these savings exceeded the entire cost of implementing Kronos Workforce Timekeeper. Nucleus found the average payroll error rate is 1.2% of total payroll.

Kronos’s analytical tools and reporting enable companies to not only ensure that they are in compliance with rules arising from government regulations and collective bargaining agreements but also generate reports proving compliance.

Altron Systems Integration helps remove the guess work form Workforce Management, allowing you to focus on your core business matters.

What are the primary objectives in HR and Payroll management?

Faster payroll processing with fewer errors

Integrate Physical Access Control with Automated Payroll

Reduced unplanned overtime and non-productive hours

Lower incidence of time theft

Improved labour reporting

Remove the guess work.

Our Workforce Management solution meets all of these objectives, using an automated scheduling engine with built-in Artificial Intelligence (AI).
We remove the guesswork, making more time available for you to concentrate on your core business.

You’re in good hands.

Our Workforce Solution Engineers are fully certified professionals, with a core team of Labour Specialists, Labour Relations and Basic Conditions of Employment Act Experts and Industrial and Labour Process Engineers.

Our offerings include:

Access Control

We supply, install and automate your Physical Access control from booms, turnstiles, doors and gates, integrating Physical Access Control with automated workforce and payroll management.

Automated Workforce Scheduling

Provide optimal labour coverage for every shift, every day with our employee scheduling software.


Entrance to exit scope, we supply and implement CCTV solutions to your requirements linking to our Access Control Solutions.

Facial, Cameras & Biometric Devices

Contactless facial recognition through biometrics, cards and cameras we solution best of breed original equipment manufacturers hardware to meet your needs.

Labour Forecasting & Workforce Operations Planning

Labour forecasting and scheduling solutions take the guesswork out of aligning the right talent, in the right place, at the right time.

Our automated solutions eliminate manual scheduling processes to help ensure optimal labour coverage for each and every shift.

With more accurate labour forecasting, organisations gain the insight they need to better predict their labour needs.

Mobile Managed Workforce

From the convince of your mobile and in real-time, as an employee communicate, schedule time & absences as a manager view absences, get alerts, approve schedules – get control and effectively manage your staff.

Industry Specialised Solutions

We cover from healthcare, retail, manufacturing and financial services our workforce management solutions are developed with software tailored for your specific industry needs. This together with over 20 years of international experience in Access & Workforce Management.

Workforce Leave & Absence Management

Leave and absence management solutions keep the cost of absence low and employee productivity high.

Our automated solutions streamline complex labour laws, helping organisations stay compliant while reducing time consuming administrative tasks.

Manage sick time, leave time, late arrivals, and more with full visibility, all in one place.

Time And Attendance

Track employee time, attendance, and activity while gathering data to enforce work and pay rules, as well as manage exceptions for ongoing compliance and cost control.

Workforce Analytics

We provide automation, real-time visibility and actionable data into labour activities, in real-time, allowing your teams to build a more accurate and complete picture of your workforce.

How We Do This

We conduct surveys and intelligence discovery initiatives to understand and assist in achieving the best workforce management solutions, helping to increase productivity and labour efficiencies.

We evaluate and apply process change, methods and procedures, organisational design efficiencies, change management and comprehensive learning services, all aligned with a robust, guided Workforce Management solution.