Integrated Solutions

Smart Manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing

Organisations with unconnected IT and manufacturing systems will experience many problems caused by the ‘silo effect’ – especially as they attempt to create new business or operating models in response to industry disruption.

Smart Manufacturing provides solutions and services to optimise and integrate manufacturing equipment and IT environments, such as Manufacturing Execution Systems and Manufacturing Operations Management.




Manufacturing Execution Systems

Manufacturing Operations Management

Intelligent Data Analysis

Advanced Pattern Recognition

Enterprise Historian

Industrial IoT

Barcodes and RFID


Laboratory Management

Process Visualisation

Automation Technologies


Customers that will benefit from Smart Manufacturing solutions may currently be experiencing one, or all, of the following challenges:


  • A need to operate more efficiently, driven by rising costs and competitive pressures
  • Environmental and other legislation
  • A need for better information
  • An ageing workforce and a scarcity of experienced resources

How do we tackle your challenges?

We deliver

We provide “top floor to shop floor” integration, delivering situation-aware data visualisation by combining data from IT and operations technology.

highly capable

We are MESA-recognised and highly capable in IoT, Industry 4.0, Smart Manufacturing and Manufacturing 2.0 Architecture.

350 man-years experience

We combine 350 man-years of manufacturing experience with technology advances and thought leadership to provide innovation in manufacturing solutions.

Our offering includes

By combining old and new technologies with our industry experience and best practices we deliver cost-effective solutions.

So, what can we do for you?