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Storage & Data Centre Infrastructure

Staying ahead of changing IT needs while saving costs and improving IT performance is critical for all businesses today.

Managing applications and data across silos of storage and servers creates significant challenges that impact the business. As the company’s system demands grow, the need increases to reassess your infrastructure strategy.





The following problems are typical of this situation:

  • Application proliferation, and infrastructure bloat and under-utilisation
  • Complex management leading to low productivity
  • Excessive downtime and inability to cost-effectively meet required service levels and keep critical data accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Long lead times to deploy new workloads or to scale existing applications
  • Long backup windows and complicated restore processes that keep customers waiting, which costs time and money

Available Offerings

Server virtualization and consolidation – including storage as a virtualized server solution.

NAS consolidation – reducing file management complexity, network usage, and server loads.

SAN consolidation –  consolidate DAS or existing SANs into more efficient storage pools.

Unified storage consolidation – unifying storage infrastructure across storage protocols and storage tiers.

Backup, recovery, and archiving – automated backup, recovery, and archiving processes including Cloud-based Backup as a Service (BaaS).

Application consolidation –  consolidating messaging, database, and other data-intensive business applications onto a unified storage platform.

Collaborative solution design – designing a “fit for purpose” solution with the customer that is best practice based, strategically aligned and adds measurable benefit to the business throughout the solution’s useable life.

Mitigated risk transition planning – a lean transition plan mitigates the project risks

Managed deployment – managing deployment, aligning change initiatives and implementing communication and reporting processes

High care stabilisation – ensuring that the deployed solution meets the design requirements.

Continuous improvement and benefit realisation – innovation initiatives to maximise the business benefits.

We add 30 to 50% efficiency in the back office, and 60% in operating costs.

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