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IT infrastructure plays a critical role in achieving overall business objectives. This has become even more important as our clients move to a fully digitized business model.

Infrastructure technology choices should always be guided by enterprise architecture and a forward-looking business strategy to allow for seamless integration of an organizations technologies into one infrastructure solution.

The migration of services (IT as a service) to the cloud and the advent of Software Defined Infrastructure brings about the potential to specify and optimally configure the infrastructure for its specific purpose.

The manageability of the resultant infrastructure is a critical consideration. Understanding a client’s requirements and that of their customer has driven the importance and business value of storing big data and data analytics, either on-premise or in the cloud.

Altron Systems Integration can assist our clients in making this transition to a cloud-first strategy without compromising on performance, reliability, or cost-effectiveness.

To drive a digitisation strategy, the following attributes of modern infrastructure are required:

  • The migration to a multi-cloud strategy and being cloud-enabled
  • Move to a software-defined model with regard to networking and data centre infrastructure
  • Having a scalable infrastructure to cater to business needs
  • Enabling Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities
  • Managing of big data and data analytics
  • IOT needs to be fully integrated into the infrastructure platform

Altron Systems Integration has a solid track record in technology migrations. We have comprehensive skills and certifications with market leading providers of Cloud, Software Defined, networking and storage solutions.

We offer comprehensive solution offerings that span product, service and commercial offerings, as well as technology solutions that are industry-aligned.

Cloud Infrastructure

Altron Systems Integration provides vendor independent cloud infrastructure that is readily accessible as a business enabling resource. The management tools provide easy access to shared information and resources to enhance productivity, performance monitoring and systematic structures within a secure infrastructure. Our clients’ can provision services in accordance with their unique infrastructure requirements.

Networking Infrastructure

Flexibility, security, and performance are differentiators as business systems’ dependency on the network become more critical. Altron BSI understands that applications and services will make increasing demands on the network infrastructure.  Through our diverse range of products and services, we ensure that our client’s network infrastructure is future-ready and increasingly intelligent, allowing them to focus their effort on achieving the overall business objective.

Contact Centre Solutions

Customer Experience is about building strong customer relationships by delivering satisfying personal engagement to customers across their journey.  The responsibility of managing the experience has never been more multifaceted.Whether the goal is to modernize the contact centre, increase workforce quality and efficiency, or to drive better customer experiences, our solution offers an open and scalable platform which can enhance existing infrastructure and reduce total cost of ownership.

Storage & Data Centre Infrastructure

Altron Systems Integration provides efficient and agile virtualised data centre and storage solutions. We architect and build data centre infrastructure, whether hosted or on premise, that leverages cost saving technologies including de-duplication, thin provisioning and compression.