Infrastructure as a Service


Infrastructure as a Service

Hybrid Cloud framework

We have transformed our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) practice into being a hybrid managed services provider. This transformation journey provides us the capability to not only service our customers better but supply them with a technically superior solution at a more affordable cost by avoiding high capital investment.

We deliver Infrastructure as a service, where the cost of equipment and services are bundled together, delivering a cloud-like model to enterprise infrastructure solutions. We enable our customers to focus on their core business while we handle and take care of their technology needs.


Enable technical capability without the need for CAPEX investment wrapped with our managed services.

We have an experienced team in solution architecting, customer consulting, managed and professional service catalogue creation. In support with our partner ecosystem, we deliver flexible cloud and traditional solutions to customers wrapped with professional services.

Our strategy is underpinned by placing the right workloads in the right architectures across traditional IT & Cloud.

Core strengths:

  • Own proven and tested Hybrid Cloud framework
  • Extensive experience and skill in hybrid cloud solutions offerings
  • We leverage our vendor solutions to create modernized offerings to meet customer requirements

Providing a common framework for a seamless Hybrid Multi-Cloud experience.

What are we good at?

We assist our customers to access any application on any platform from any device, anywhere in the world. Translating customer business challenges into a viable technical solution.
We take our customers on a hybrid cloud journey and Provide Solutions to meet digital transformation aspirations, collaboration between group companies to assist in creation end-to-end turnkey solutions.

We do this through a structured approach and adoption of our hybrid cloud framework, we create a seamless hybrid cloud experience for you.

What do we do better than others?

We articulate value using a technical approach, based on the business outcomes, by focusing on creating solutions and not advocating products. We create hybrid workload solutions with optimization and cost-saving in mind.

At Altron, we leverage partner solutions to assist customers with a focus on workload placement as well as workload migration to hybrid cloud. This provides a transition step via a safe harbour allocation for customers to enable them to re-architect applications to be cloud-first and cloud-ready.

What we offer

Cloud Optimiser

This solution is powered by NetApp Spot Eco that provides full lifecycle management for Reserved Instance and Savings Plans. Eco maximizes RI utilization and automates selling and conversion in the AWS Marketplace to maximize the ROI


Delivering a serverless container experience. Robust, container-driven auto-scaling and intelligent rightsizing that supports ECS, EKS, KOPS, GKE, and AKS teams can “set and forget” the underlying excess


Makes it easy to deploy mission-critical workloads on excess capacity (EC2 Spot) with availability and enterprise SLAs to save up to 90% on compute. With advanced auto-scaling for predictable performance, plus integrations with dozens of cloud services and tools, it just takes a few clicks to get started.

Safe Harbour

Providing customers with a solution where workloads can be optimised for cloud A enterprise grade, who are experiencing bill shock from the hyperscalers. We help our customers by taking a step back and assisting them with a workload placement strategy. This may require modernising their applications to be fit for cloud or considering a safe harbour as part of the workload placement strategy.

Our range of solutions include:

  • Storage and Data Centre Infrastructure?
  • Advanced Network Infrastructure
  • Networking Infrastructure

Storage and Data Centre Infrastructure?


Staying ahead of changing IT needs while saving costs and improving IT performance is critical for all businesses today.

Managing applications and data across silos of storage and servers creates significant challenges that impact the business.

As the company’s system demands grow, the need increases to reassess your infrastructure strategy.


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Advanced Network Infrastructure


Our Advanced Technology Services Division specialises in the provision of Enterprise Architecture services, Unified Communications, Software Defined Networking, Managed Security, Managed Cloud, Collaboration Services, Security and Intrusion Detection, Wireless Solutions, Network Switching and Routing, and state-of-the-art Storage Systems for Virtualised Data Centres.


We also deliver Microsoft Software Services (MSS), Advanced Infrastructure and Licensing Solutions, Microsoft Enterprise Software, Exchange Migration and Software Asset Management.


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Networking Infrastructure


We understand that networks must be flexible, compliant and secure. Most importantly, we understand the critical role that network and infrastructure play in achieving overall business objectives.


A key component of this business unit’s offering lies in the seamless integration of all an organisation’s technologies into one solution – that is functional, innovative and effective in facilitating their changing needs.


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So, what can we do for you?
There when it matters

IT as a Service (ITaas)