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Public Sector

As South Africa rallies towards an election year (2019) the questions asked of Government and SOE is what has been achieved over the past term in office. Part of the challenges of government is the skills issue and further compounded by the disruptive technologies which are setting new agenda and services alike – as it would be noted public sector is a continuous evolving sector which primarily focuses on access and service delivery – while government has achieved several their goals so has the challenges within the sector have grown

The launch of the SKA Africa (Square Kilometre Array) brings a new opportunity to the sector around data. This presents South Africa as the hub which could drive big data and analytics the skills would add even more value.

No matter which stage you are in currently on your transformation journey to digital relevance we are focused on delivering value. We have the ability and capability to partner with your teams in delivering end to end solutions through our various expert divisions within Altron in the TMT Industry. Whether your challenge is – how do I really get my business cloud enabled – or how do I monetize my data – or am I secure – or even how do I take my business processes and automate for efficiency, speed and saving.

Exciting as it is to be living in the 4th Industrial Revolution – it is equally challenging – data is the new currency and brings with it a series of complex challenges, not to mention regulations to be met. The threat on your brand has never been more relevant to defend against.

Selecting the right trusted advisor/s as well as execution partners from implementation to Systems Integration – all of which needs to be aligned to a solid security strategy – is without doubt the toughest challenge you face right now.

Statistic SA will be commencing with Census program over the next year this data would provide both government and the public with insights which would assist government to place the correct solution in the correct areas.

Altron Systems Integration currently supports private health with the backbone on connectivity and would add value with the NHI rollout in adding the National Development Plan. The way we have structured our business is to service the industry with a focus on Cloud, IOT, Big Data and Security offering competencies across industry aligned to global best practice. Accelerating your success in public sector through partnership is our aspirational goal.

Together we are delivering Innovation where it matters.

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