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Public Sector

As South Africa rallies towards an election year (2019) the questions asked of Government and SOE is what has been achieved over the past term in office. Part of the challenges of government is the skills issue and further compounded by the disruptive technologies which are setting new agenda and services alike – as it would be noted public sector is a continuous evolving sector which primarily focuses on access and service delivery – while government has achieved several their goals so has the challenges within the sector have grown


We have embraced the four pillar technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution – Cloud, IoT, Big Data and Security. As the digital era truly dawns on the world, companies find themselves in the unenviable position of needing to evolve to remain relevant without losing sight of their core mission. This is especially true in the commercial market, for the Travel & Transport, Retail and Manufacturing sectors.

Telecommunications, Media and Technology

With the hyper-convergence of Industries and Sectors the World over – we have reached that critical cross-road in the Telecommunications, Media and Technology (TMT) Industry of evolve or dissolve.In the age of Digital Transformation noise and clutter, it is imperative to remain relevant – not only within the industry and market place – but in the hearts, minds and wallet share of the end consumer.

Financial Services

We assist our customers to enter the new era of personalised banking by unlocking the power of context to own the most critical moments in a customer’s lifecycle. The result is that customers feel understood and appreciated, driving loyalty and lasting relationships through improved service and value.
As trusted partners and experts on data our various solutions and services, we help transform every customer interaction.

Small to Medium Business

Providing flexible IT solutions that enable small and medium business to implement and master the technologies they need to remain competitive, while we take care of keeping it all connected. SMEs that keep up with the latest technology – incorporating it into their processes and workforce – will have an edge over their business-as-usual competitors.