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ICT Outsourcing

Competitive pressures are forcing businesses to juggle demands on limited resources, such as manpower and funding.

We provide our customers with an integrated outsourcing service that allows them to focus on their core business, by architecting complete business centric service solutions with a single point of responsibility and accountability.

Our integrated solutions follow best practice guidelines to ensure cost efficiency and optimum results with minimum business risk.




Our services help our customers to address:

  • Governance, compliance, security and risk issues
  • Environment complexity and scarcity of competent people
  • Management of multiple service providers
  • Inability to scale resourcing in line with business demands
  • Budget predictability and variable cost management
  • Key IT staff retention and career growth

Available Offerings

  • Managed End-user Workspace – We provide a comprehensive end-user computing service to ensure business continuity.
  • Managed ICT Infrastructure- Providing operational management of the back-office environment including servers, operating systems, and infrastructure and utility applications such as messaging.
  • Customer Service Management – manage our customer activities, including IT strategy alignment, governance, operations management, service delivery, and ICT finances.
  • Project Management – the right skills and tools and methodologies to manage the project.
  • Managed Service Desk – Our centralised or “on-premise” service desk provides remote support, first call resolution, strong SLA reporting standards, 24/7 service and is ITIL compliant.
  • Outsource and scalability –choose solution components from our services catalogue that fit your budget and operational requirements.

Collaborative solution design – Designing a “fit for purpose” solution with the customer that is best practice based, strategically aligned and adds measurable benefit to the business throughout the solution’s useable life.

Full suite of data management solutions and technologies enabling our customers to realise real business insights

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