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ICT Operations

Business models and technology is changing at a rapid pace. The move from on-premise data centres to a cloud first strategy is having a major influence on how companies manage their IT requirements.

The migration from on-premise IT to hybrid and then cloud only offerings will mean that outsource offerings will have to be flexible enough to address all these new challenges.

These changes will also mean that new skills will be needed to manage these environments.

Altron Systems Integration has invested in skills and tools that will allow us to manage this technology shift for our customers.

Altron Systems Integration provides customers with an integrated outsourcing service.  We allow customers to focus on their core business by architecting complete business-centric service solutions with a single point of responsibility and accountability.

Our integrated solutions follow best practice guidelines to ensure cost efficiency and optimum results with minimum business risk.

These rapidly changing ICT environments challenge most organization’s ability to integrate, deploy and support the infrastructure that their business depends on. It requires a team of people that are comfortable working on the leading edge of technology evolution.

Our clients see the benefit of leveraging industry specialists in this rapidly evolving technology world, rather than engaging in the battle to retain scarce, often under-utilized technical experts. We can leverage those scarce skills to benefit multiple clients and share the experience cost effectively.

We simplify the complexity and provide “fit for purpose” solutions that transcend vendor boundaries by offering clients business-based choices aligned with budgets and service expectations.

ICT Outsourcing

Altron Systems Integration offers a full suite of data management solutions and technology agnostic services enabling our customers to make data driven decisions in realising real business insights resulting in amazing customer experiences. These solutions include; Business and IT Consulting and advisory services,  Architecture and Design for Analytical Ecosystems, Data Security and Compliance management, Implementation Management for Big Data, Data Lake and Data Warehouses, Managed Data Services, Self Service Analytics and Customer 360.

Advanced Network Infrastructure

We understand the importance of capturing and assimilating the large influx of data a business receives in real time. Our solutions include big data management, data capture systems and an array of analytical services that reveal and highlight patterns, insights and trends. These solutions allow our clients to improve their productivity, manage their people, understand their customers and grow their business.