Your journey to Full-Stack Observability.

See more. Solve more.

Your journey to Full-Stack Observability.

See more. Solve more.

Altron Systems Integration partners with Cisco

The future is uncertain. The world has changed forever.


New apps will be written
in the next 3 years.
IDC FutureScape, Oct 2019.


Of customer interactions are
now digital in nature.
McKinsey, Oct 2020


Of people using digital channels for the first time during the pandemic say they will continue using them when things return to “normal”. McKinsey, Feb 2021

So, what can be delivered digitally, must be delivered digitally.

You want to:

Deliver exceptional digital experiences

Optimize for cost and performance

Maximize digital business revenue

But with 66% of users

Saying they would avoid a brand completely if their experience isn’t perfect, there’s little room for error.

So what do you need?

So what do you need?

Apps are just the front door to an evolving and expanding digital experience. Where complexity is growing beyond human scale. And isolated islands of operations are inefficient and ineffective.

When it comes to the experience, you need to see more to solve more.



Cisco’s Full Stack Observability by Altron Systems Integration enables your team to:

Build a shared common context to align IT teams supporting the technology full stack.

Exceed customer expectations by proactively resolving issues before they impact digital experiences.

Act with confidence on what matters most to the business and the user experience.

Delivering full-stack observability today.
Start solving more.

See more to solve more.

DevOps and AppOps

Application performance and digital experience monitoring.


Multicloud and infrastructure management.


Security management and threat detection.


Digital experience monitoring and network management.

Address your most critical needs:

  • From Performance
  • To Optimization
  • To Security
Hybrid Application Monitoring

Monitor performance of your traditional and hybrid applications that are often monolithic, hosted, and leveraging traditional infrastructure and hybrid cloud.

Digital Experience Monitoring

Gain actionable, end-to-end insights into your application experiences and their underlying dependencies and business impacts.

Modern Application Monitoring

Monitor performance of your cloud native applications that are often microservices-based, distributed, and leveraging cloud technologies hosted on public or private clouds.

Application Dependency Monitoring

Assure the performance of your managed and un-managed (3rd party) application services and APIs, including their Internet and cloud network performance.

Hybrid Cost Optimization

Lower your costs by only paying for what you need in public cloud and by safely increasing utilization of your on-premises assets.

Application Resource Optimization

Improve and assure application performance by taking the guesswork out of resource allocation for your workloads on premises and in the public cloud.

Application Security

Actively identify and block vulnerabilities found in your application run-times in production.

Your journey to Full-Stack Observability starts from a strong foundation.

Because the more you see, the more you solve.

And the more you solve, the more efficient, resilient and agile your entire organization becomes.

Improve customer satisfaction

Reduce MTTI and MTTR to improve app uptime and performance.

Lower costs

Map app-to-infrastructure dependencies to prevent over-provisioning

Accelerate innovation

Establish common app vocabulary between dev and ops teams

Increase resilience

Proactively contextualize data to increase app and infrastructure uptime.

Cisco’s Full-Stack Observability by Altron Systems Integration moves beyond monitoring into full-stack visibility, insights, and actions.

So, what can we do for you?

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