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Cybersecurity is a layered approach with data in the centre. Private data, intellectual property, cyber infrastructure, and even military and national security can be compromised by deliberate attacks, inadvertent security lapses, and the vulnerabilities of a relatively immature, unregulated global Internet. Working closely together with member firm clients, Altron Systems Integration Enterprise Security Solutions (ABESS) helps organisations plan and execute an integrated cyber approach to harness the power of information networks to enhance business operations, increase mission performance, and improve customer support, without compromising security or privacy.

Cybersecurity Approach

To assist clients in addressing their end-to-end cybersecurity requirements: Evaluation of the existing security deployment across the organisation to identify security vulnerabilities, formulate a holistic cybersecurity strategy and roadmap. We follow a vendor agnostic consultative approach and cater to customer vendor-specific requests through our partnership with major cybersecurity vendors.

End-to-end Cybersecurity strategy and roadmap that covers organisational cyber vulnerabilities.

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