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Identity & Access Management

Identity is at the core of what we do, whether validating a person’s identity through an enrolment and authentication process, or via a secure credential. Our solutions extend from ensuring an identity can be trusted to allowing an individual access to certain rights, such as the right to vote or claim benefits.

ESS aims to protect customers against the vulnerabilities of ID theft by implementing multi-modal biometric and credential management technology that is convenient, secure and fit for purpose. We offer customers either complete hardware and software solutions or specialised modules of technology for integration into existing confidential infrastructure (such as financial systems) without the need to compromise back end solutions.

Biometric identification provides a higher degree of security than manual processes such as passwords, e-mail addresses or PINs, which can be hacked using many social engineering techniques and the personal information shared on social media.

Biometrics systems use the unique characteristics of individuals like fingerprints and voice, which not only offer robust security, but also free users from the problems of remembering passwords and PINs.

Our Biometric Verification and Authentication solutions give the ability to curb fraud resulting from Identity theft and misrepresentation, by supplying end-to-end biometric identity and access management hardware, software and consulting solutions that meet the needs for biometric enrolment, authentication and verification.

Avoid financial and reputational damage as a consequence of identity theft or misrepresentation, and eliminate tedious, manual authentication and verification processes.


End-to-end Biometric Identity Authentication and Verification Solutions, including:

  • Identity Access Management
  • Identity Capture & Verification
  • Digitisation offerings
  • Point Identity Applications
  • Biometric Sign On
  • Signature Solutions
  • Card Solutions
  • Fingerprint Readers
  • Biovault
  • Mobile handheld devices
  • Kiosks and Mobile kits for enrolment and Identity verification

We provide consultation and evaluation of your solution requirements and advise on solutions and implementation best-practices.
We’ll design a solution to meet your requirements and present a business case that addresses the pain points and how to achieve maximum ROI. We also do end-to-end integration, project delivery and support.

We’re a trusted partner for Biometric solutions to the Top 5 Banks as well as to Government and Telecommunications companies in South Africa.

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