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Enterprise Cybersecurity

The Enterprise Security Solutions (ESS) business unit is split into two areas of business which are closely interlinked by their nature. These are Cybersecurity and Biometric Identity and Access Management (IAM).

Biometric Identity and Access Management

In this area of  business, we supply clients with end-to-end biometric identity and access management hardware, software, and consulting solutions to meet their needs for biometric enrolment, authentication and verification. Identity theft/misrepresentation is generally directly related to financial and reputational damage or loss.


  • Fingerprint scanners:
    • HID Lumidigm – Multi-spectral imaging (MSI) technology fingerprint sensors
    • Futronic – Optical Fingerprint scanners
    • Green Bit – Ten-print scanners  and palm scanners
  • Other biometric modalities i.e. iris binocular and monocular, cameras for face verification
  • Mobile biometric enrolment and verification devices
  • Smart cards and smart card readers (contact and contactless)
  • Credentials – passport, national ID, driver’s license
  • Card printers
  • Secure document verification devices – verify passports, IDs, banknotes etc.
  • Combined document scanner and camera devices
  • Electronic signature pads
  • Design and manufacture of kiosks and mobile enrolment kits.


  • Biometrics as a service
  • Backend biometric store with processing engine
  • AFIS (automated fingerprint identification system) and ABIS (automated biometric identification system)
  • Biometric enrolment and verification for desktop and mobile
  • Biometric single sign on
  • Biometric  SDKs and APIs for software developers
  • Electronic signature solutions
  • Pre-printed cards and personalisation.

Cyber Security

To assist clients to address their end-to end cyber security requirements, we evaluate the existing security deployment across the organisation and all platforms to identify vulnerabilities to formulate a holistic Cybersecurity strategy and roadmap.

We offer a vendor agnostic consultative approach to identify our client’s security vulnerabilities to assist in formulating a Cybersecurity strategy roadmap for implementation.


While offering opportunities for innovation and productivity, modern technology also presents risks and challenges. From governments to businesses and individuals, we are all connected and affected by cyber risks. And if you think that understanding and keeping up-to-date with Cybersecurity is difficult and confusing, you’re not alone. And that’s why we’re here to help you take control.

Identity & Access Management

Our Biometric Verification and Authentication solutions give the ability to curb fraud resulting from Identity theft and misrepresentation, by supplying end-to-end biometric identity and access management hardware, software and consulting solutions that meet the needs for biometric enrolment, authentication and verification.