DevOps and Modernisation


DevOps and Modernisation

DevOps and Modernisation

For competitive businesses, software is the basis for differentiation and innovation. It’s a channel to new services and revenue streams, seamless customer experiences and expansion into new markets.

Now, more than ever, your software strategy mirrors your business strategy.

This means that the ability to roll out business capabilities continuously will be the difference between companies that stagnate and ones that evolve.


Specialist DevOps and Migration teams to help you transform and de-risk your business.

Software Development

Customer Experience Management
Application Development and Support
DevOps and Cloud Enablement
Process Automation
Enterprise Software

Enterprise Software

Workforce Management
Smart City

Modernise your legacy systems
to benefit from migration to cloud.

We provide customers with an integrated enterprise service, architecting complete business centric solutions with a single point of responsibility and accountability.

Our range of solutions include:

  • Mainframe Modernisation
  • Digital Operations Centre
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Application Development And Support
  • DevOps And Cloud Enablement

Mainframe Modernisation


Altron Systems Integration can support companies in their mainframe modernisation programme,
whether that is migrating to cloud or upgrading existing systems.


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Digital Operations Centre


A unique service platform that provides businesses with the ability to:


  • Identify early detection of apps, networking and database degradation (i.e drop in performance)
  • Ability to self-remediate, through early detection of performance degradation across the full technology stack
  • Combines AI capabilities


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Customer Experience Management


A customer experience management (cem) system is designed to help you manage your organisation’s interactions with your current and future customers.


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Application Development And Support


Advances in technology and devices have transformed software development and support.

At Altron Systems Integration, we think your time is better spent adding value to your business—not in building apps or connecting to data.

So we offer an efficient way to combine real-time application integration and orchestration with robust data integration capabilities.


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DevOps And Cloud Enablement


Cloud computing provides an on-demand, highly scalable compute, storage and network infrastructure, and it allows it to spin up an environment in minutes – demonstrating agility in a way never seen before.


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DevOps and Modernisation