We can help migrate your applications and data to the cloud.

DevOps and Cloud Enablement

Cloud computing provides an on-demand, highly scalable compute, storage and network infrastructure, and it allows it to spin up an environment in minutes – demonstrating agility in a way never seen before.

However, many enterprise IT organisations struggle to migrate data and applications to the cloud.

In fact, migration is among the top-ranked challenges that constrain IT from moving workloads to the cloud, as cited by 57% of IT decision-makers (Source: Frost & Sullivan Cloud User Survey).

Our DevOps and Cloud Enablement solutions help overcome the challenges of application and system migration to the cloud.


Lack of agility

Large initial infrastructure overhead

Capacity and performance

Lack of automated testing

Spin up an environment in minutes.

On-demand and highly scalable compute, storage and network infrastructure.

So, what exactly do we do?

We assist with migration from stand-alone development and operations teams to DevOps teams. In addition, we facilitate migration to an agile methodology.

We provide a custom-built and tuned development framework for implementing micro-services using industry standards.

We leverage DevOps as a cloud enabler, enabling continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD).



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