Does your customer experience system truly live up to your customer centric ambition?

Customer Experience Management

A Customer Experience Management (CEM) system is designed to help you manage your organisation’s interactions with your current and future customers.

It should work with all your customer-facing touch points by organising, automating and synchronising them, so that you can service your customers and respond quickly to issues, as well as new business requests and opportunities.

Companies generally have a ton of data, but it isn’t organised around the customer and it doesn’t show where customer satisfaction may be suffering.

Another challenge lies in integrating and co-ordinating multiple touch points and systems into a single CEM solution that is easy and cost-effective to use, manage and maintain.

CEM integration crosses departments and skillsets, requiring new thinking within the organisation – and that’s where we can help.


We could assist you with:

  • Marketing loyalty rewards systems
  • Product cross-sell and up-sell automated fulfilment
  • Omnichannel integration on inbound marketing channels eg applications, USSD, retail keyword SMS, and outbound channels eg SMS, MMS, application push notifications, push USSD and emails
  • Trigger-based and event detection to support Contextual Marketing including location-based customer value management activities
  • Integration with unified or disparate campaign management platforms to provide a consistent digital experience
  • Recording of customer interactions for all marketing communications and support closed loop marketing
  • We also implement CVM Use Cases on a Big Data platform to drive digital transformation, customer stickiness, improvement of customer revenue, customer experience and cost reduction in process efficiencies

Our Customer Value Management Integration (CVMI) platform is an end-to-end digital marketing orchestration and integration platform.

Turnkey solutions

Single 360 degree view of the customer

Fraud anomaly detection

Inbound contact centre call deflection

IVR smart routing to most appropriate  agent

  • We provide a turnkey solution that address the implementation of customer experience use cases, aimed at delivering increased revenue and improved customer experience.
  • Our Application Development and Support practice implements and supports these solutions and use cases in a production environment.
  • Our successes in CEM are built upon a combination of technical, analytical, and leadership skills.
  • Added to this is our extensive business expertise and experience, coupled with our competencies in integrating systems in an enterprise environment.


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Our friendly and professional team will make sure you are helped as quickly as possible.

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