Analyse and visualise your data for meaningful business insights.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Data comes in many forms – structured, semi-structured and unstructured – from a huge variety of data source.

From this constantly growing mountain of data, organisations need to extract and present actionable insights quickly.

This can pose a huge challenge to organisations in terms of business and volume complexity.

We assist our clients to drive business value that’s measurable and relevant to their needs, with solutions ranging from conventional reporting to customised business intelligence (BI).

Challenges of managing and analysing data include:

  • Handling Large Volume of Data in Less Time
  • Cleansing Data to Make it Suitable for Analysis
  • Visualizing Data to Get Meaningful Information
  • Selecting the Right Tools for analysis
  • Deployment in Production
  • Discerning actionable intelligence from white noise data

We empower IT and business-users to gain value from their data.

Make informed business decisions based on concise, actionable and relevant business intelligence.

With Altron Systems Integration, organisations can engage with us for self-service or guided  Predictive Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, including deep and machine learning and natural language processing.


We partner with three of South Africa’s major banks as well as leading finance, energy/ chemicals and telecommunication organisations.

Benefits of our BI and Analytics solutions

Fit-for-purpose solutions

We provide industry and department-specific solutions by applying a hybrid combination of best-of-breed technology and a fit-for-purpose approach, ensuring relevant and valuable business value is delivered to the business.

We guide and assist our clients from conventional reporting to fit-for-purpose business intelligence, to drive business value and return on investment that’s measurable and relevant to their current and future needs.

We partner with leading Finance, Energy/ Chemicals and Telecommunication organisations for their BI and Analytics needs, and three of South Africa’s major banks, look to Altron Systems Integration to support their data ecosystems.

Our international presence and global vendor partnerships expose our customers to the best skills, technology, solutions and insights that the world has to offer.



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