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Big Data

Big Data

Big data addresses information from many internal and external sources, such as transactional data, social media, sensors and mobile devices.

Companies must be able to leverage this data to adapt their products, services and strategies to better meet customer needs, to optimise their operations and infrastructure, and to discover new sources of revenue.

We help you tame the 4 V’s of Big Data


The BIG in Big Data – and it’s fast growing in size!


How quickly it’s generated and is consumed


Big Data comes from many sources, including enterprise systems, social media and smart devices


Big Data has to be truthful and accurate

Partner with us

We arm our customers with the tools and techniques to capture, process, analyse and visualize large datasets to eliminate the challenges of:

  • Data in silos
  • Data overload
  • Data cleansing
  • Customer Value Management
  • Data Placement
  • Product Development
  • Cost Management
  • Preventative Maintenance

Our tools and services help you overcome a number of challenges

Deep cleaning

Data silos, overload and cleansing

Effectiveness of workload

Slow processing and scalability of workloads

Budget Safely

Security and cost concerns

We have built a world class Big Data practice.

We have invested heavily in building a world class Big Data practice that leverages a combination of our extensive in-house knowledge and capabilities with the power of an equally impressive partner network that we bring to bear in every customer engagement.

So, what can we do for you?
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Data Solutions