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Big Data

Every day organisations, customers, and operating environments create a world of untold data. Our Big Data practice focusses on making sense of that data which is drawn from multiple internal and external sources including transactional data, social media, sensors, and mobile devices.

To compete effectively in today’s market, as the effects of digital transformation take hold, companies must leverage this data to adapt their products, services and strategies to better meet customer needs, optimise their operations and infrastructure, and to discover new sources of revenue.





The 4 “V”s that characterise Big Data are:

  • Volume –  the “big” in Big Data, and it’s fast growing in size
  • Velocity – describes how quickly it’s generated and is consumed
  • Variety – Big Data comes from many sources, including enterprise systems, social media and smart devices
  • Veracity – Big Data has to be truthful and accurate

In partnering with our Big Data practice, we arm our customers with the tools and techniques to capture, process, analyse and visualize large datasets to eliminate the challenges of:

  • Data in silos
  • Data overload
  • Data cleansing
  • Customer Value Management
  • Data Placement
  • Product Development
  • Cost Management
  • Preventative Maintenance

Our data management solutions ensure that our customers can derive better business insights and customer experiences, providing:

  • Analytical Ecosystems
  • Customer 360
  • Self Service Analytics
  • Data Labs
  • Big Data
  • Data Science
  • Data Lake

Altron BSI has invested heavily in building a world class Big Data practice that leverages a combination of our extensive inhouse knowledge and capabilities with the power of an equally extensive partner network that we bring to bear in every single customer engagement.

We arm you with the tools and techniques to capture, process, analyse and visualize large datasets.

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