Our Solutions
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Data Solutions

“We can no longer depend on intuition or experience to make smart decisions. The leadership challenge is to make sense of the business and behavioural shifts before it’s too late to influence outcomes.  Data driven organisations assimilate the information that affords decision makers the time and opportunity to explore meaning and possibility. Technology enables that real time view.”

Data Management

Altron Systems Integration offers a full suite of data management solutions and technology agnostic services enabling our customers to make data-driven decisions in realising real business insights resulting in amazing customer experiences. These solutions include; Business and IT Consulting and advisory services,  Architecture and Design for Analytical Ecosystems, Data Security and Compliance Management, Implementation Management for Big Data, Data Lake and Data Warehouses, Managed Data Services, Self Service Analytics and Customer 360.

Big Data

We understand the importance of capturing and assimilating the large influx of data a business receives in real time. Our solutions include big data management, data capture systems and an array of analytical services that reveal and highlight patterns, insights and trends. These solutions allow our clients to improve their productivity, manage their people, understand their customers and grow their business.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Our portfolio span all the way from visualisation, Bi, data analytics to customer journey and data science solutions. This allows our customers to effortlessly explore data through automated predictive analytics that provide business insights. With this information and knowledge, our clients can grow their business by building innovative solutions that add business value to their customers.

Process Management & Control and IoT

We provide the technology that connects physical devices, the data streams they generate and the applications that interpret this real-time information.  Through the Internet of Things and process and workflow automation, Altron BSI gives clients the ability to effect changes in work processes that increase efficiency, improve productivity, contain costs and most importantly, enhance customer experience or user well-being.