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Through our practices and world-class partner network, we have united around a vision to deliver innovation that matters.

We embrace the diverse change in travel, transport, retail and manufacturing sectors. Commercial sector businesses find themselves in the unenviable position of needing to evolve to remain relevant without losing sight of their core mission, having to actively find the balance between maintaining their traditional footprint, while navigating the journey towards accommodating and leveraging digital technologies.

Facing further internal and external challenges such as a declining economy and finding ways in which to ensure sustained growth, reduce structural costs to remain competitive but at the same time ensuring that they invest in new technologies and operating models which will result in innovation as a basis for new growth. Talent remains paramount and companies need to win the war for talent to access intelligence and innovation.

Commercial sector businesses must manage the fine balance between traditional and digital operations and understanding what’s best for the markets and customers they serve. Some of the top challenges experienced and we can assist with include:

Commercial sector businesses have to manage the fine balance between traditional and digital operations and understanding what’s best for the markets and customers they serve.

We do this by partnering with you along the journey and have structured our dynamic solutions accordingly.

We have embraced the four pillar technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution:

Cloud          IoT      Data        Security

Some of the top challenges
experienced by our customers include:

  • Shifting consumer demographics and consumption patterns drive a need for greater insight and more personal engagement across all touchpoints
  • The pressure to differentiate through superior offerings, dynamic supply chain and partner collaboration
  • Need to orchestrate across all partners to optimize manufacturing, supply, and distribution networks
  • Pressure to innovate for agile operations, profitable business models and empower employees

Our areas of expertise

  • Retail
  • Manufacturing industries
  • Mining
  • Travel And Transport



Retail companies all over the world have had to innovate rapidly over the years as new customer demands arise including those of building seamless e-commerce platforms and providing seamless omni-channel customer experiences.


When you commence on a journey with Altron Systems Integration, you can use technology solutions that deliver exceptional customer experience and drive incremental growth in new markets and services.

Manufacturing industries


Manufacturing industries are the backbone to South Africa’s economy spanning from food & beverages, automotive, agriculture and textiles.


At Altron Systems Integration we know how to enhance technology solution that innovate to improve your challenges for competitive advantages.



We know the mining sector is the foundation upon which the economic and industrial revolution carried South Africa onto the world stage, but the South African mining industry requires a revitalisation to regain its sustainability.


At Altron Systems Integration we understand the mining industry challenges and that embracing technology and innovation improves sustainable workforces and thinking on how to create the workplace of the future.

Travel And Transport


The travel and transportation industry is growing, and end-to- end expectations are rising as more and more travellers are becoming connected and their expectations are becoming more urgent.


We understand how to modernise and help you optimise efficiency in travel with digital solutions to provide seamless travel.


So, what can we do for you?