Cloud Services


Cloud Services

Cloud is a new way of doing business

Companies are continuing to invest in data centre technology, storage and networking infrastructure to support their business models and strategies.

Storage is a big focus and the rapid growth of data and data storage is the single biggest factor driving investment and growth in IT infrastructure. Companies are also focused on boosting network security, increasing bandwidth and adding more servers to their data centres.

Cloud is continuing to play an ever increasingly important role in businesses along their digital transform journeys as they challenge their infrastructure to improve performance, efficiency, reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Capacity Optimisation

Customers need to focus on optimising capacity and guard against stranded capacity (things that are paid for but under-utilised).

DCaaS as a Strategy

IT and the data centre must be an agile provider of service outcomes, rather than the owner of the infrastructure. This requires the adoption of a data centre as a service (DCaaS) model, where the role of IT and the data centre is to deliver the right service, at the right pace, from the right provider, at the right price.

Extended Infrastructure Management

The data centre as the sole source of IT infrastructure has given way to a hybrid of on-premise, colocation, hosting, as well as public and private cloud solutions. These elements are being combined with a focus on providing business-enabling services and outcomes, rather than on physical infrastructure.

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Here are a few considerations when adopting a cloud-based digital transformation strategy.
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Why trust us with your multi- and hybrid cloud services?

We have a solid track record in technology migrations, including comprehensive skills and certifications with leading providers of cloud, software-defined networking and storage solutions.

We assist our customers to meet the challenges of modernising their infrastructure.

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We offer comprehensive solutions that span advisory, implementation, management and monitoring.

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We assist our clients in making this transition to a cloud-first strategy without compromising on performance, reliability, or cost-effectiveness.

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Our range of Solutions Include:

  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Storage & Data Centre Infrastructure

Cloud Infrastructure


Cloud environments are highly reliable, scalable and always available, but moving from in-house systems to a cloud environment or even a hybrid solution, can be a daunting project for a business.


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Storage & Data Centre Infrastructure


Staying ahead of changing IT needs while saving costs and improving IT performance is critical for all businesses today. Managing applications and data across silos of storage and servers creates significant challenges that impact the business. As the company’s system demands grow, the need increases to reassess your infrastructure strategy.


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Cloud Services