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Complimentary Risk Assessment Audit

Complimentary Risk Assessment Audit

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Free Umbrella Trial

Free Umbrella Trial

No matter where you go – on and off the corporate network or VPN – Cisco Umbrella provides you with a cloud security solution that provides an initial line of defence against cyber-security threats.

Improving your guest experience
with a data protection approach in a digital world

In order to deliver on a customer experience strategy that supports your business goals, it is essential to ensure that your guest’s information is secure and that they, the guest, are confident that you can deliver on a data protection promise.

Data security is the protection of data from being accessed, stolen, or damaged by third parties who do not have permission to utilise this information for any reason – cyber-attacks and data breaches can have a serious and negative impact for your brand, especially where small establishments are concerned, who may not have the means to recover financially.

Gaining customer insights and providing guests with personalised and value-added services are recognised in the hospitality industry as core business goals, every establishment (no matter how big or small) must take a holistic view of the value chain. This not only includes information on how guests make reservations, check-in, interact with the facilities offered, checkout and referrals, it is also key to encompass how the property manages guest information records, what technology has been implemented, how cyber security and privacy exposures could be identified and how these will be addressed.

More and more, before making a reservation, guests want to know what steps you, as an establishment, have taken to protect their data when they are in your environment and how their personal information will be used for in the future.

Cyber security threats and data breaches are real … and it’s essential that establishments provide their guests with an all-inclusive digital policy.

If you, as a Hotel Group, Boutique Hotel, Guest House, B&B or Game Lodge, ensure your guest’s data security, you will build stronger relationships through referrals and repeat business, optimise your operations and increase revenue opportunities through a value-added relationship with your guests.

Find out how you could avoid a Security Data Breach with a Complimentary Risk Assessment Audit

Our Product Solutions and Pricing

Hospitality Solution Packages
Secure Office Secure Complete
Comprehensive protection against the most advanced attacks.Prevents breaches and block malware at the point of entry, then rapidly detects, contains, and remediates advanced threats that evade front-line defenses and get inside your network
Block malicious destinations before a connection is ever established- DNS & IP layer enforcement
Block ransomware, malware, phishing, and C2 callbacks Protect users anywhere they go, on and off the corporate network
Stop malicious domain requests and IP responses at the DNS-layer, over any port or protocol
Real-time, enterprise-wide activity search & scheduled reports
Identity-Based Firewall
Intrusion Prevention
Advanced Malware Protection
Content Filtering
Application Visibilty and Control
High Efficiency Wireless
Guest Wireless
Location Analytics
Protect users from email threats
Rental price starting from R2 840,00 * per month (12months 0% interest)
Cash price starting from R34 000,00 * (excluding installation services)

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More and more, before making a reservation, guests want to know what steps you, as an establishment, have taken to protect their data when they are in your environment and how their personal information will be used for in the future.


Top Tips

  • Have a “shred list” policy in place for hard copy information
  • Ensure you are compliant with the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI)
  • Ensure that you are up to date with new technologies relating to information security in the industry
  • Regular employee training to ensure employees understand and follow policies and best practices

Here's why?

Some of the largest Hotel Groups have been victims of some sort of Cyber-attack or security breach:

2018: Marriott International – an estimated 500 million guests who made a reservation at a Starwood property may have had their information at risk

2017: Hilton – Fined for mishandling data breaches in 2014 and was found to “have taken too long to warn customers and lacked adequate security measures.”

2017: Hyatt Hotels Corporation – data breach into guest payment card information at 41 corporate-managed properties across 11 countries.

2017: InterContinental Hotels Group – malware installed on the servers of payment card processers of restaurants at IHG-managed hotels in two countries.

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Working with specialised teams from Altron BSI and Cisco will allow you to secure your guests’ personal and financial information completely, ensuring you focus on delivering a superior experience to your customers.




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