Security Solutions

Simplify your experience and reduce complexity

Altron Systems Integration is a proud partner of Cisco

Security Solutions

Simplify your experience and reduce complexity

Altron Systems Integration partnering with Cisco

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Solution Benefits:

  • Largest threat detection network
  • 30% Cost savings
  • 100 % Faster finding breaches
  • 170+Ecosystem partners
  • 88 Fortune 100 use Cisco security

Accelerate your success

Protect what’s now and what’s next with the most comprehensive integrated cybersecurity platform on the planet. Simplify your experience and reduce complexity on an integrated and open platform that strengthens operations, stays out of the way, and gives your team time back.

Accelerate your success and champion innovation with powerful, pervasive security that keeps you safe as your business pursues what’s next. Future-proof your security strategy and breathe easier with a platform you can rely on, backed by unparalleled resources and expertise.

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Gaining customer insights and providing guests with personalised and value-added services are recognised in the hospitality industry as core business goals…



Law Firms are constantly entrusted with highly sensitive client information and the need for an effective data security strategy is of paramount importance…



It is imperative that Healthcare organisations and practices consider the threats posed by the IOT environment and ensure that connected medical devices and equipment…


Industry-leading solutions

Altron Systems Integration and Cisco Security have industry-leading solutions that cover every threat vector. While we often drive home the value of an integrated platform, each of our solutions stand alone as a leader.

Our solutions lead in security for the data center, network, cloud, internet, email, endpoints, and everything in between. Every single one of our products is informed by the same industry-defining security intelligence, Cisco Talos. And we have the recognition and awards to prove it.

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No matter where you go – on and off the corporate network or VPN – Cisco Umbrella provides you with a cloud security solution that provides an initial line of defence against cyber-security threats.

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