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Stay connected, stay productive and secure your business in the new #futureofwork: Anywhere, Anytime & on any Device

Now more than ever, there is an increase in demand for secure digital solutions across all devices – Our offerings not only ensure you stay connected, secure, and productive, but you can also collaborate with your team from anywhere in the country or the world, securely and seamlessly.

We have a toolbox of solutions to protect your business and making sure it performs at its best, and that for you it is business as usual during these times.

Altron Systems Integration and Cisco combine technical expertise with in-depth customer understanding to provide end-to-end technology solutions.

Speak to our experts for solutions to suit your business needs. Some of our solutions include assisting you to: alleviate the stress of mental fatigue by ensuring your business and employees are protected with a security solution specific to your needs. Collaborate with employees and customers alike or run virtual events with ease via Cisco Webex.

Key Solutions for the #futureofwork

Altron Systems Integration & Cisco can assist you and your business in ensuring both seamless collaboration across teams and sufficient security protocols across all devices.

Cisco Webex:

Meet remotely from anywhere. You can host or join a meeting from any device including mobile, tablet, laptop or video device with one consistent videoconferencing experience.

90 Days Trial

Cisco Umbrella:

Protects users from malicious internet destinations using DNS – layer security whether they are on or off the network.

90 Days Trial

Cisco AnyConnect:

Empowers employees through a secure VPN connection to work from anywhere on company laptops or personal mobile devices.

60 Days Trial

Cisco Duo:

Enables organizations to verify users’ identities using multi-factor authentication (MFA) and establish device trust before granting access to applications.

60 Days Trial

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Coronavirus is forcing businesses to go digital, fast

The global onset of the Covid-19 virus will have a drastic impact on the way organisations interact with their staff, businesses, suppliers and customers. According to immersion Group, this event is a wakeup call for organisations on the vital importance of digitalisation throughout every touchpoint of their business.