Cloud Solutions

Altron delivers the
largest Omnichannel Genesys Cloud environment in Africa

Altron Systems Integration partners with Genesys

Cloud Solutions

Altron delivers the largest Omnichannel Genesys Cloud environment in Africa

Altron Systems Integration partners with Genesys

Is working from home not working for you?

When the coronavirus outbreak hit, the limitations of on-premise legacy infrastructures stopped many companies rapidly switching contact centres to home working to protect their staff.

Worse still, they struggled to cope with off-the-scale traffic spikes while enacting business continuity plans that hadn’t accounted for pandemics.

This meant failed KPIs, missed SLAs and declining experience — at a time when retaining customers is more vital than ever.

Transitioning to cloud is a journey.

Why choose Altron as your partner for success?

Altron is the first company in EMEA to successfully transition customers from a complex on-premise platform to a seamless cloud solution with Genesys, Altron provides expert services ranging from consultancy and bespoke integrations to AI, Analytics, CRM, Workforce Optimisation and Infrastructure, purposed to accelerate your business success.

With Altron Cloud, we’ll keep you connected.

Business continuity is automatically built into Altron Cloud. Powered by Genesys, the industry’s #1 cloud contact centre platform, our solution enables agents to work efficiently from home. They only need a broadband internet connection and off they go. Managers are instantly supplied with reports and metrics, resource schedules and workforce management tools. New services, like call-backs and voice and chat bots, can be quickly introduced to help further flatten demand spikes. Add to that a simple unified desktop for managing voice, video, chat, mobile and social conversations.

Solve other challenges with Altron Cloud.

Here are some other common pain points and reasons why customers choose Altron Cloud:

Complexity of managing multi-channel to simplicity of omni-channel

To be where their customers want to be, organizations often add point solutions for individual channels. This creates siloes and gaps in systems, data, processes, and teams. It also increases IT complexity and workloads.

Mismatched touch points across communication channels

Consumers switch communication channels all the time. If the contact center technology can’t follow the conversation across channels, agents miss valuable context leading to negative customer experience.

Complex configuration changes

Without a solution that supports easy changes and integrations, organizations struggle to innovate — to add agents, adjust schedules, or optimize flows.

Lack of cohesive insight or data into contact center performance

If contact centers don’t have easy reporting across channels and teams, they can’t effectively manage their day-to-day operations. Piecing together data takes too much time and creates room for errors and missed insights.

Unreliable, unstable systems

Downtime is problematic for any contact center. Not all solutions are built on an architecture that allows for failover and immediate scalability. That means when your interaction loads increase, your existing solution capacity could be compromised.