Meet our Executive: Software Engineering

Stephen Bottger

Stephen Bottger

Executive: Software Engineering


Stephen’s career at Altron spans over 15 years and he’s just getting started. Leading our Software Engineering team, Stephen is passionate about taking clients on a journey which results in long-term rewarding partnerships.

He holds a B.Sc Engineering from University of Cape Town and leverages his engineering genius toward continued delivery of innovative products and solutions to address clients digital and IT challenges.

His passion for all things digital, and finding the building blocks to all things Cloud makes Stephen our very own innovator to help take SA into a digital future.  So, if you are in the middle of a major challenge or about to embark on a digital transformation journey,  and need someone to partner with you on the journey ahead – give him a call and put him to the test.

Get to know Stephen

  • Why Altron?
  • Thoughts on successful leadership
  • Inspiration and mentorship

Why work for Altron?


Altron has been a part of the growth of the South African economy for a substantial period of time, and Altron continues to be an ethical and pivotal part of South Africa’s economic future.


Altron aims to be “there where it matters”, empowering its staff, customers and community.


Altron continues to grow and become an even more significant player in the ICT sector, and I am excited to assist in being part of this journey.

What are the most important attributes of successful leaders today?


A bug bear for me is that too many people in the world in Leadership positions are not Leaders and do not take the necessary responsibility and accountability. Too many people in leadership positions come into the role, make changes and then leave without feeling the accountability of their poor actions. This is easily seen by the many cases of greed that has arisen from people in leadership positions.


A Leader must lead from the front by setting an example, with a clear and sustainable vision and strategy, that inspires those around them to passionately support the same objectives and desired outcomes.


Leaders must have empathy & authenticity towards their staff, especially in a service industry where the company is the sum of all its people, and at the same time not stand for any negative behaviour.


And Leaders must continually adjust their strategies to capture emerging opportunities or tackle unexpected challenges.

Who do you look up to for inspiration or mentorship?


Inspiration to me, firstly, comes from many people who have been captured in the history books. People who have stood up for what is right and have taken the more difficult road to improve life for others or society as a whole. These inspirational people have left a true legacy by giving up many of their personal comforts to serve others. They set an example for all of us to try follow in the small day to day aspects of our lives – some obvious names such as Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa and so forth, come to mind.


I then find inspiration every day from like-minded and positive people who constantly “give” around me, from my Executive colleagues and my Teams, through to those doing good deeds that I read about, and to elderly family members that have set a true example to the rest of us.


And finally I find inspiration by reflecting on my own personal journey and growth. A journey I have travelled with friends and colleagues, people who have witnessed my growth and have allowed me to witness theirs – remembering all those times of being stretched out of our comfort zones and surpassing what looked unconquerable at the time but, proving time and again, that anything is possible.