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Altron Systems Integration is an end-to-end ICT service provider of consulting, implementation and outsourcing services, which are strategically aligned to ‘fit for purpose’, cost effective, and optimised for performance. We have a clear go-to-market in key industries covering: Financial Services; Telecommunications, Media & Entertainment; Public Sector; Retail; Mining & Manufacturing; Travel & Transport; and Energy & Utilities.

Our Solutions

Digital Solutions and Innovation

Our solutions include digital strategy formulation and execution; customer engagement and experience solutions; digital payments solution; digital identity and verification via our “Truity” solution. We assist our clients in their quest for digital transformation with services to address the challenges they will encounter, and ready to use solutions for specific digital business applications.

Enterprise and Cybersecurity

IT Security covers a broad spectrum from identity access, network, application, data, cloud, content protection, threat detection and behaviour analysis to mention a few. Because a breach of data security could result in serious financial and reputational damage for any company, we provide security solutions for all of our customers’ needs in Cybersecurity – enables our customers to evaluate and mitigate their Cybersecurity risks, Identity and Access Management – gives our customers the ability to curb fraud resulting from Identity theft and misrepresentation.

Enterprise Application Innovation

For competitive businesses, software solutions is the basis for differentiation and innovation. It’s a channel to new services and revenue streams, seamless customer experiences and expansion into new markets.  Now, more than ever, your software strategy mirrors your business strategy.

ICT Operations

The move from on-premise data centres to a cloud-first strategy is having a major influence on how companies manage their IT requirements.  Outsource offerings will have to be flexible to address these new challenges, and new skills will be needed to manage these environments. Our clients have seen the benefit of using our industry specialists in this rapidly evolving technology world, rather trying to retain scarce, often under-utilized technical experts.


Companies are continuing to invest in data centre technology, storage, and networking infrastructure to support their business models and strategies. Companies are also focused on boosting network security, increasing bandwidth, and adding more servers to their data centres. Our Infrastructure solutions include: Cloud Infrastructure migration and support; Network Infrastructure design, implementation and support as well as storage and Data Centre Infrastructure.

Data Solutions

New developments in Data technologies are driving the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Internet of Things (IoT) and Digital Transformation.  Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Analytics are enabling more personalized experiences, and better business decisions and planning.  For forward-looking organizations, data is now viewed as an important asset, to optimize operations and to create superior customer experiences and disruptive new business models.

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